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    Why make calls to {country} with the BOSS Revolution App?

    Ever wondered what it would be like to stay in touch without spending a fortune on international calls? Look no further! BOSS Revolution is a trusted international calling and texting app that gives you access to the world. Getting started is easy – download the app, create an account, and get talking! It's that simple. You can even add credit to call internationally to any landline or mobile number.
    • Worry-free international calls Never worry about being able to connect. Expect crystal-clear quality every call.
    • No subscription fees Make free calls and chats internationally. Add credit only when you want to.
    • Affordable call & text rates Forget about surprise bills and charges. Keep it simple and within budget.
    • Promotions and more Save when calling abroad with handy promotions and offers. Get extra minutes & more.

    How to call {country}

    Calling {country} from the BOSS Revolution App

    To call from your contacts,
    you need to ensure the phone number is in the correct dialing format.

    • Go to your address book and check that the phone number you wish to call is in the correct format
    • For calls to {Country}:
      + (plus sign) + {Country_Code} + City Code + Local Number
    • For calls to the US, Canada & Caribbean:
      1 + Area Code + Local Number

    To make international calls from the Dialpad:

    • Press the + button to add a plus sign. This will allow the network to recognize that you are making an international call.
    • Dial {Country_Code} + City Code + Local Number
    • To dial a US, Canada or Caribbean number
      Dial 1 + Area Code + Local Number

    Calling with a local access number:

    Dial the access number for the language you prefer:
    French: 438-793-4370
    Spanish: 438-800-1789
    English: 438-793-4384

    When prompted, dial the number you wish to call.

    • For calls to {Country}:
      Dial: 011 + {Country_Code} + City Code + Local Number
    • For calls to the US, Canada & Caribbean:
      Dial: 1 + Area Code + Local Number

    What our users say about us

    Alicia Lilly
    The best app to call international Thank you for your service. Wonderful app to call Honduras, easy, clear.
    Jacquie Hollman
    Love calling my family on this app. Have never had connection problems and I get more minutes than any other card.
    Absolutely great! I have been using this app for more than a year and it makes it so much easier for me to keep in touch with my friends and family around the world. Also, it always offers bonuses. Absolutely love this app.
    suy Bernabe
    I love it, is really easy to make calls, really good price, you can text with other who have the app, also you can hear music or news, directly from your country. thanks Boss Revolution.
    A customer for more than 5 yrs. I have been a customer for more than I can remember. I normally call D.R. So there is no extra fees Involved. I haven’t had any problems, for me and my sister it has worked and is better than using calling cards.
    Fernando Cartagena
    Great had it for years. Balance is always there to the penny. Very informative user friendly just all around a great app. Especially when you have family out of the country. Thanks Boss :+1:
    Got questions? Here’s the low-down on calling with BOSS Revolution

    At BOSS Revolution we do our best to help you solve all the possible issues. Please check out our FAQ page or contact our customer service team if you have any questions.

    FAQ Contact Us

    How do I start calling to {country} from the CA with BOSS Revolution?

    Calling with BOSS Revolution is simple. Just download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play. Then, sign up for an account. This should only take a few minutes. And that's it. Once you add to your balance, with great rates, you can start calling. Don't have the BOSS Revolution app? No problem. Go online and get BOSS Revolution access numbers for cheap international calling rates.

    Why are international calls to {country} with BOSS Revolution so cheap?

    We believe you deserve great rates to help you keep connected. Here's how we do it. BOSS Revolution is part of IDT Corporation, one of the world's largest voice termination providers. This means we have our own infrastructure that lets us route your calls cheaper and faster.

    Does BOSS Revolution work with every mobile operator in {country}?

    Staying connected is essential. That's why we work with all the major carriers ({carriers}) in {country}. Whether you're calling to a landline or mobile, it doesn’t matter. What does is staying in touch. Got a question about a particular carrier? Please get in touch. We'll be happy to help.

    How do I add funds to my BOSS Revolution account?

    Adding balance to your account is hassle-free. There are lots of ways to do it. You can use a credit or debit card to add funds in the app. Visit a BOSS Revolution partner retail store and do it in person. You can also log in to our website and add funds to your BOSS Revolution account directly from the web.